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We at NGO Hosters are very keen to support Non profits to help them establish their online presence.Simply apply and we will take care of the rest.


our squad of talents

Meet the people who come up with innovative ideas to serve the Non profit organizations across the world in best possible way to make their online presence easy.


The best we can offer

We at NGO Hosters offer variety of grants including web hosting,email marketing,helpdesk software,domain name and much more to reduce expenses of a Non profit to maximum extent.


Meet our sponsors who support us

We are able to provide grants to NGOs and Non profits,thanks to our sponsors for helping us in achieving our aim to bring about a change.


A story of awesomeness!

We at NGO Hosters understand the needs of a Non profits therefore we come up with innovative ideas to provide grants to NGOs and Non profits.


Hosting NGOs and Non Profits

We are a non profit project initiated by Nayi Dishayein Society which aims to provide online grants to registered charities and Non Profit Organizations.


/ / story of ngohosters

Professional web services including web hosting and web designing costs too much for Non Profits considering their budget.We understood this and came with an idea to provide online grants to registered charities and Non profits so that they can invest the money towards completion of their goals rather than investing on web presence.

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Non Profit

We are completely non profit project.We do not charge a single penny for our grants offered.Being non profit we understand the needs of non profit more than anybody else..


We keep trying innovative ideas to help NGOs as much as we can.We recently came up with free domain name which will further help Non Profits reduce domain name costs.

Energetic Team

We are a group of young energetic team who are keen to bring about a change for Non Profits."Keep helping NGOs" is our motto which keeps us inspired to bring a change.


Unlike other free services,all of our grants are free but highly professional with quality standards.This is made possible by the support from our sponsors.


All of our grants include professional support by the respective product sponsors.This ensures 24/7 support whenever you need it.Whats great,you dont need to pay a single penny for it.


We are backed by number of sponsors including Hostdime, Znet ,websavers, webuzz, cloudflare, kayako,flexihostings, vidahost and vertical response who are helping us in achieving our aim.

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Web Designing and hosting

Our grants include free web designing and hosting for registered NGOs and Non profit organizations.All websites are designed by young,energetic volunteers who love to design websites.


Email Marketing

Our grants include free email marketing which enables Non profits to send upto 10,000 emails per month to spread awareness about their activities and to raise funds for their charity work.


Domain Name

We provide free domain name at which enables Non profits to sign up for free domain name without having to worry about registration and renewal costs of domain name.


/ / our team of rockers

We are creative people without having any limitation to our thoughts.We want to bring a change in society by reducing I.T expenses of Non profits to zero.We freak out, we dance, we jump in the air and sometimes we never sleep!


Arpanjot Singh


Arpanjot,an engineering student is the mastermind behind NGO Hosters.He loves web designing and in his free time he designs free websites for Non Profits.


Pooja Dwivedi


Pooja,a teacher heads the organization with innovative ideas to keep NGO Hosters running and serving Non Profits.In her free time,she loves listening music.


Vaijyant Tomar

Senior Designer

Vaijyant,an engineering student heads the designing team.He also takes part in day to day activities of organization and helps it running smoothly.

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We would love to support your Non profit however before providing grants,we require you to verify your non profit status.To do so,please contact us at and we will be glad to assist you.


Web designing and hosting


Email Marketing


Domain Name

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Please feel free to contact us using the below form.We will be more than happy to assist you with your queries.


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